Problem getting columns to work

So, I’m trying to make a layout with 3 columns to embed different pinterest boards. Every time I refresh my published page, a different layout shows up! They don’t line up in any way, and they don’t always show up. I’m completely confused as to what I did wrong, and how to fix it so I have my 3 columns with a board in each.

Thanks for any help!


Hey Tiffany!

Can you paste your sites read-only link so I can take a look at your designer?

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Hi Ryan!

It’s the pinterest-pins-of-products page.


I think I see the problem. Instead of making the row have 3 columns you have 2 separate rows with 2 columns each. Click on Row 2 and change it to a 3 column layout. Then, move the HTML embed 3 into the 3rd column and delete the other row. Publish and let me know how it is.



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You rock!!!

It’s perfect.

Thanks much!

Awesome glad I could help!