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Problem exporting site. Didn't happen before

Hey guys,

A website I did for a client a few years ago has started to appear faulty all of a sudden with strange symbols on one of the pages. In webflow it is fine but once I export it messes up.

Can anyone help me with why this is happening?
Note: This just started happening. And I have confirmed that there is no malware on the server.

I see nothing wrong with that page

Check the other pages. Alot of it is out of whack. On my computer there are weird symbols on the page too

there’s nothing

Check your browser.

I’ve had odd things happen in Chrome when I added a new extension.

I had to disable one extension at a time in order to track down a problem.

Eventually… I did find an extension that when disabled - stopped the issue I was encountered.

And that extensions was deleted.

Try restarting the computer also.

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