Problem editing


I’m running into a really bothersome error. I just ran into this error today.

When launching the editor i run into either of these two problems below:

  1. The position tab will not have any margins and padding tools for me to edit the sections of the page.

  2. After a couple times of relaunching the editor, The margins and padding tool will show, however I would get an error saying that the site cannot be saved and that the servers cannot be reached. Some of the styles on the page are also out of place.

  • I’m running on a Mac and using Safari, I’ve used Chrome and this problem still persists. I can assure you that my internet connection is not the problem.

*ScreenShots below

Hi @Bryan_Trang, thanks for the post. I am sorry about the problem with this.

It does look like there has been some problem with the section1 class, so I would recreate that section altogether, clean up unused classes and recreate the section1 class.

If after recreating the section, you continue to have these errors, then let me know. You can also send a support request for this to and I am happy to work with you directly to solve this.


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