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Problem duplicating slides from the slider component

I’m created a slider using the slider component.

I’ve created a master slide that I want to duplicate and creating a second slide where I only change the H1 text. When I duplicate the mater slide the duplicated slide loses it’s styling and content is no longer visible. *** See attached image for more detail.

This feels like a bug? Any help would be appreciated.

Can you provide a public link so it’s easier to see what’s going wrong?

But just to check, did you affect your background to the mask element, or the slider element, instead of the slide?

To the slider element.

Public link:

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I applied the background style to the introduction01 class tag.

Hi @jcsizmadi, I think you’re right. This sounds like buggy behavior to me, but without a read-only link I’m not able to say for sure. More info here:

Thanks in advance.

Hi @jcsizmadi, Just a follow up, but I wasn’t able to reproduce on my end. :-/ I’ll take another look at this after you post the link to your project. It may involve other components (i.e. symbols, interactions, etc) TIA!