Problem creating a booking system


I’m trying to make a booking website for installations and service. I’ve run into a problem that I can’t seem to fix on my own. Been Googling around but can’t find a answer, so I thought i’d try in here to see if one of you knows how to fix it.
So, the setup of the booking page is that we will fill in the customers information, choose what type of product they need help installing, get deliverd or get serviced and choose a date.
The problem I have is that whenever I choose several products it seem to duplicate that row, so inside the code it will be the same over and over, so when i get the conformation mail there is only one, even tough i’ve chosen several different types of products/installations.
Tried doing it through the CMS aswell, but the same problem occurs there. If i have both the CMS and the “Select” at the same time but then I will get two products but no more.

Any ides what I’m doing wrong?