Problem conecting custom domain to my website

Hello, Ive been having problems connecting a custom domain to a website I am redesigning for my client. She gave me access to her Godaddy account and I added all registers Webflow provided (CNAME, TXT, A). I also removed some other registers in order to see if it could solve the problem but it didnt work. I will share pictures of all old registers and currents. I`m desperate, please help me.

Original Registers

New Register added by me


Its likely that you just need to wait a little longer for propagation to happen.

No, i don´t think that’s the problem, I did the changes to the registers two weeks ago.


Okay, my next thought is…

Did you delete old records and add new ones or did you simply replace the A Record?

I’ve noticed that when you just change the IP for an A Record, that it doesn’t connect. You need to delete the old ones and add brand new ones.

You can check your DNS settings here:

This will tell you if the settings are correct.

@Kevin_Mooney yes i deleted old A records and created the new ones provided by webflow. Thank you for the page you suggest to check the DNS, but i`m not sure how to use it.


You simply enter your domain URL in the search box, and search for certain records.

Example: If you want to double check your A Record, select A and click search. The results will show you if your domain has the proper A Records. Same goes with CNAME, etc.

Hi Juan, what domain are you trying to connect?
Is it

If that’s correct, I can see your A records look ok, but your CNAME is missing.

Thank you @Kevin_Mooney

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Hello @memetican
Wow, it is weird because i created the CNAME record provided by Webflow. You can check the print screen i took in Godaddy of all current records. I also created a TXT record.
What may be the reason is not recognizing these new records?

No idea, but I’ve found GoDaddy to be flaky at times. I’d recheck your record and contact their support.

Also, double-check that you have SSL turned on in your hosting config.
Webflow shows you what is connected properly in your DNS, and what’s not, so you can use it to help you diagnose the problem.

Problem solved. Godaddy support team reset all registers.

Thank you all guys for your help.

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