Problem CMS with mobile version

I have a problem with CMS collection. I put logos of clients. On pc it looks ok, also in demonstration, it also looks fine. But when you open it irl on iphone or android logos doesn’t look as it should be. What do you think it is& What’s the problem?

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Hello @11197

The only strange thing I noticed is the way margins and widths are set (only tested on phone view).

Try those two things and let’s see if it solves the issue or gives us more hints :

  • On “Container10” remove the negative bottom margin
  • Still on this one remove the negative top margin and for height instead of 500 set auto
  • On “Form Block” put back the width to auto
  • On “Form” remove left padding
  • On Lottie animations blocks you have similar issues with margin and padding, try to remove all the strange ones

Those things may already solve the issue and show the way, still if you can’t figure it out please give us some more hints like which version of iOS (since on Android it seems to be ok) and if there is strange discrepancies within the view on the Phone and the view in the preview tool on other places too.