Problem: CMS page links not working for client, but they work for me

Hello! I have a strange problem I can’t seem to solve. I created a CMS for my clients website, and the links in the section the home page that go to the CMS page work perfectly fine for me, but she keeps telling me the links just take her to another section above that section on the home page instead of the CMS collection page. She says it does that for her with her computer and her phone every time no matter what I do to try to fix it.

I’ve tested this on multiple computers and phones on different networks and also tested it with an emulator using actual devices in different places with different IPs and it always works for me so I cannot isolate what the cause could be.

Here’s read only: Webflow - BecauseWeWill

The section is towards the bottom called ‘Featured Video Submissions’ and the links are supposed to take you to that particular person’s page with their info and a link to a video. For her, just jumps up to the social media wall section on the home page, and when I hid that it jumped to the top of the home page.

Any thoughts on what could be the cause? Thank you!

Overall your linking looks right, and I don’t see any scripts that could capture click events.
However you have an Interaction on the Collection Item layer.

I would disable or remove that, and see if that fixes her issue.
I don’t have any unexpected behaviors on Chrome, but It’s possible the browser she’s using or her browser-extensions configuration is causing it to misbehave.


Hey thanks so much for replying. I tried what you suggested and it still does it, she says it also happens on Safari for her too as well as her phone. If I can’t get that to happen on any computer or browser and it happens to her on every computer and browser, what could be the issue?

The obvious answer is that your client throws off a reality distortion field that affects all computers in her vicinity. :rofl:

Seriously though, you’re asking the right question- what’s different about her systems, v your systems?

  • PCs v Macs
  • Browser type differences
  • Browser login differences, e.g. if one of you uses Chrome, and you’re always logged in with the same profile on different computers, then you have the same addons everywhere you go.
  • Different usage approach, something she’s doing with keyboard/mouse that’s changing the game
  • Spyware or other things that could modify the pages

First thing I always do is run the site in Chrome Incognito to see of cookies/cache/extensions are causing the problem.

If I couldn’t find a way to reproduce it at all, I’d try something more extreme. like actually visiting the client, or doing a remote desktop share so I can actually see the problem first hand.