Problem, but ONLY once the site has gone public

Hey there, I work with a client regularly. They have their own servers and I usually build just simple splash page websites that I’m able to easily download the code from webflow, and upload over to their GitHub.

Here’s the thing though - no matter what I test the site on, whether thats via project’s temporary URL, or when I download the code and open the .index file in a browser offline, or even once we’ve uploaded it to their servers and tested it at staging URL… ONLY once the site has gone public, does all the styling, animated actions, even simple things like links on a page…stop working.

All they’re doing when going from staging to live during the testing phase on their servers, is renaming “.index2” file and removing the 2 to become “.index”… but its like it suddenly can’t access the styling scripts as soon as that happens? (Just a theory)

By not working, I mean - the site is unusable and in the very worst cases, its unrecognisable…as if the .SVG files are being read completely incorrectly. Huge big shapes all over the page.

As you can imagine, this causes huge panic with the client (and myself) and makes me look incredibly unprofessional for each website launch.

Has any one ever run into this issue? I’m really not sure what to do. At the moment, I’m having to host everything myself but it’s not a long term solution.

I would inspect the site in devtools and see the errors there in the console. Usually it is very clear what the issue is. Since you have no example to check I can’t assist you further.