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Problem adding video content via API (via Zapier)

I’m not certain if this an API issue, or a Zapier webflow-zap programming issue, so I’ve done a video walkthrough of the problem below.

The basic problem is that through Zapier, I’m able to add a CMS item, complete with a Youtube URL in a video field, however WebFlow does not actually “recognize” the video, and it doesn’t appear on the published site.

Hi @memetican

This is a known limitation of the CMS API at this time. When a collection item is created via the api, any video link will not render right away.

Instead, you’ll need to open the new item, click into the video field, then click out. From here you’ll see the video preview load as expected. Here is a GIF showing this

We know this workaround definitely isn’t ideal, but this limitation something our team is planning on improving in the future, although I don’t have an specific time frame.

Thanks Brando, I see they did the add-and-delete-space trick as well. What I can do for my client is send them a notification email with a formed ?edit=1 link and give them instructions on how to locate and fix that new item in Collections.

I didn’t find any information on this issue in my searches, and I’m using the API a lot more heavily now including building a windows-based management utility. Is there a reference anywhere on the CMS-specific limitations & updates being made?

Hi @memetican

Thanks for your understanding here — definitely appreciate it!

Is there a reference anywhere on the CMS-specific limitations & updates being made?

No we don’t have any such resource at this time, although I agree that would be super useful. I’ll pass this along to the team in charge of the API and see if we can get the ball rolling on something like this.

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