Problem across multiple sites with images not rendering

Hey guys -

This is an issue I’m seeing on multiple client sites where images will be designed (and animated) in some fashion in the designer and they preview just fine but soon as you publish either the image stutters on the animation (usually jumps to last frame) or the image disappears all together. Please see my link below (see the CTA at the very bottom of the page just above the footer. Specifically the photos to the right disappear on published site on desktop - seems to be working on mobile, but another image is disappearing on mobile - I can’t imagine this is something I’m doing but please someone help me shed some light on this because I am stuck at this point).

Published site:

Webflow read only:

Does no one else have this problem? I’m having this same issue on two different sites and it looks to be a rendering issue with the animations. I’ve tried different computers and devices and it’s the same issue. On mobile, another image is disappearing completely.