Pro - Team Plan Comparison

I wanted to verify this…

So… in reviewing the Pricing Grid (on this page)

Pro Plan and Team Plan are now the same price and contain the exact same features


  • Team Plans have the Team Dashboard ?

  • And Team Plans have a minimum of 2 seats ? … it’s twice the cost ?

  • Which is the same as 2Pro Plans (twice the cost)… but without the Team Dashboard ?

I have a Team Plan with 2 Seats… (and I pay annually)

So I can get a Pro Plan for ($35/mo or $420/yr - if paid annually)


I can get a Team Plan for ($70/mo or $840/yr - if paid annually)

Why would I get the Team Plan ?

If I have a Team Plan… and if I add a Webflow Designer to my Plan

  • are they still paying for their Plan ?
  • what if they have a Lite Plan ($16/mo or $192/yr - if paid annually)

If I add a Lite Plan member to my Team Plan

  • does the Lite Plan Member get White Labeling ? or Site Password Protection ?

The administrator of a Team Plan needs the ability to remove a Project from a specific member of the plan.


Team Plan Administrator adds a Member.
Member designs and delivers a website.
Website is moved to the Team Plan Administrator (into a folder of their choosing)
Member who designed the site either

    1. no longer see’s the website or
    1. no longer can modify website (because the Administrator “owns and supports” the website…

until / unless Team Plan Administrator “flips a switch” that allow the Designer to see / modify the website.

How this works… client contact Designer requiring work.
Designer contacts Administrator requesting access to the project.
Administrator grants update rights to Member.
Member works and delivers project.
Administrator locks the project down… this removing the Members will ability to modify the project.

I know you can “move projects”… but it’s a bit of a hassle from what I’ve seen.

Team Plans need folders.


Team plans are for teams that have multiple designers that need to access the same dashboard of projects and also have the ability to create private shared templates within the Team dashboard.

If you’re a lone consultant, then you wouldn’t need a Team plan.

As for your feature suggestion for team member permissions, that is something we’ve heard from the community and are looking into it.

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