Privacy Policy and Terms of Use - Designer Responsibility

I’m new to the world of web design and trying to make sure I am doing things correctly as I go.

First - are writing up/creating the privacy policy and terms of use page typically the designer responsibility, or the client’s?

And then - If they are the designer’s responsibility, I would appreciate some different resources that would help walk me through the process of creating them correctly. I would also like to use google analytics, which appears to also effect the privacy policy?

Thank you!

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Or, for example… Here is a sample form I found to create a privacy policy… Anyone know the answers for these for sites built and hosted with Webflow?

"Is your website getting regular security scans that meet or exceed PCI Compliance standards?
Yes No
Is your website receiving regular malware scans? What’s this 
Yes No
Does your website have and use an SSL certificate? What’s this 
Yes No

Please complete this statement by checking the boxes that apply

We implement security measures when a user: places an order. enters, submits, or accesses their information."

The clients. You don’t want to be liable should the T&C and Privacy Policy are written wrongly.

Simply state that you do not provide legal consultation. Refer them to your lawyer friend/partner, or ask them to find their own lawyer.

Don’t “generate” or copy one for your client. It will cause you legal trouble.

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