Priorise an uploaded custom font when translation is in "this language"

I’m implementing my webflow project with an Inuktitut translation(using Crowdin). Inuktituk languages uses a different alphabet then English so I’d like to use one specific custom font for that Inuktitut translated part of my website.

I uploaded the custom fonts in my project settings as I usually do (English ones and Inuktitut ones).
In my design I style everything with the English fonts.

Now I’m trying to force the use of the Inuktitut font-family named Aipainutaaq by custom code on the whole site before the body tag. Everything seems to work in this jquery snipet… the console logs are triggering at the right time.

Also when I change the font-family manually in the inspector css the right font appear. So my conclusion is that something else is prioritizing some system font (maybe Arial) instead of my custom font. So I’m trying to overwrite that. I’m wondering if a .woff file instead of otf could solve it…

Can someone help me please ? This has reach the end of my competences hahah :’) Thank You !

Here is the custom code I’m using:

$(’.cr-picker-submenu a’).click(function() {

$(’.cr-picker-submenu a’).on(‘classChange’, function() {
if ($(’.cr-picker-submenu a[data-lang=‘iu’]’).hasClass(‘cr-selected’)) {
$(‘body:not(#crowdin-language-picker)’).css(‘font-family’,‘Aipainutaaq, sans-serif’);

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Hi @Noe_St-Onge, I would try using WOFF first, it is recommended to install all font variations for maximum browser compatibility.

After installing the Woff font version, republish the site to check if that helps.

Normally if the custom font cannot be rendered by the browser, then the default fallback font is used. You can also specify your own default fallback fonts: Upload custom fonts | Webflow University

Note that fonts do not have universal browser support, some fonts are not supported by all operating systems, so you would need to check if the operating system/browser combination supports those specific font families.

I hope this helps

Ok the I found the solution … My css was just applied to the body tag and not to every children of the body.

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