Pricing table isn't responsive

Hi, short said I have used this webflow project: pricing-calculator-jquery - Webflow

And if you check read only link 2, the “1” “2” section is responsive and sizes down on mobile. But on read only link 1 it doesn’t. It’s strange because it’s the EXACT same content. I even copied the not working one to a new project and there it works… Anyone have any idea why this doesn’t work on read-only link 1?
Anything would be helpful! Thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - - Live Production

Second Read-Only link: **Webflow - Working price table responsive

I found out that if I copy paste the content perhaps some styling might not follow?
I copy paste the content to the main page, perhaps there is some other way to do this?
Something like “moving” it into the main page? is that possible?