Pricing plans - e-com

Im planning to create a webshop on an already hosted site so my question is:
If I upgrade/switch a website’s hosting from a CMS site plan to a Standard Ecom plan, how does it work? Is it on top of the cms plan (so the prices add together like $23 / mo + $29 / mo) Or does it just switch to the ecom plan without losing the cms features (mo + $29 / mo) and thats it?

It is simple, it works depends on your hosting provider:

Add-On Cost - it might involve adding the E-commerce plan cost to your CMS plan, resulting in combined pricing ($23 / mo + $29 / mo).

Integrated Upgrade - some providers offer an integrated upgrade, combining CMS and E-commerce features into one plan (e.g., $52 / mo).

Hey thanks, yeah my hosting provider is Weblfow in this scenario. So I suppose its combined pricing then.