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Pricing is so hard to understand

Hey Webflow community!
For the LIFE of me I can’t understand what the pricing means over here.

So what exactly does the free site plan mean ? I can just make sample projects to test out my skills but I can’t really post it to my own domain or hosting ? isn’t that useless ? I don’t really care much about using WebFlows Site plans since CMS doesn’t matter all that much to me,
Could someone clear all this out for me

Somebody may have to confirm this because I’m a noob also, but as I understand it:

Webflow is free to create and work with two projects.

When you’re happy with how a project looks you have two options with a free account:

You can upload it for free, if you want, to a Webflow sub domain (


You can purchase a site plan to host with Webflow and use your own domain name.

If you want to export your code and host elsewhere, you gotta upgrade to an account plan.

Webflow offer site plans that don’t include CMS and are therefore a little cheaper.

Like I said, I’m a noob too, but pretty sure this is how it is.

Webflow Site Plans:



Thank you so much! I think I finally get it now
you’e truly a life saver.


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Yes, I agree because it changes day by day.

Hi @worldwidemenucovers, thanks for your comment. Webflow pricing has not changed since November 27, 2016. Was there some other confusion about the pricing that I can help with?