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Pricing for one website- New to WF, please help

Hello. I’m new to using Webflow and site-building in general. It’s been great so far, but I’m stuck.

I’ve created a site with their free trial option. It has a home page, an about us, a contact page, and a few “service” pages. I think I messed up because I already told the client it will be under $20 dollars a month to get everything online. Unfortunately, it looks like it will be much more, but I wouldn’t feel right charging them more after I quoted them a price.

My question is how much total will it cost to get their website online? Please note, thus far, this is the only site I plan to design using Webflow.

Thank you so much for all your help.

@NewInBoston I appreciate the quick response.

I’m sorry, but the pricing list is very confusing to me. Are you saying I can just pay the $12/month for the website and not an additional $16/month for an account? Thanks in advance for your help.

Yes- in fact, all hosted accounts have access to the designer included in monthly price. The separate designer fee is for people like myself that create lots of projects, among many other scenarios.

@nantrud to clarify, you can have a free account and pay $12/month for a website. You do need a paid account to transfer ownership of a website. Then you can cancel the plan and go back to free, I assume.