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Pricing cms and webflow hosting daaa

You can always see the current pricing here

Yeah I saw them. But I am on a designer plan? So this doesn’t answer my question. Can u help @samliew?

Designer plans only grant you “unhosted projects” quota. You will need to purchase hosting if you want to connect domain names for each project.

@samliew Ok, then I have the following question. Because 16 dollars is crazy. I bought a cms template and I uploaded it on my hosting, but it’s broken. But this seems to give the idea, that I can have a cms on my own hosted place or not?

In that case can u explain what this plan is?

If you want to export the project, CMS functionality and data is not included. ► [LIST] Feature Availability & Limits

That is just to describe what quotas/restrictions the project is given, if you do not purchase any hosting for a project, when you are on a Lite, Pro, and Team plans. It’s just using the testing (staging) address.

Ok @samliew then I know enough.

I think you want to know if youre the onlyone who thinks he’s grazy with this prices as a designer. it was hard selling it for 15,- euro for me, but now its getting harder, i feel like i am the only one who is complaining about the prices… 7 out of 10 of my clients want to pay 10,- or 7,- dollar for hosting there wordpress site, but 17,- or 20,- is to much for them… maybe in the USA its normal, but here in europe its absurd! We pay 4,- till 7,- for small sites with more functions what webflow still not have… and as designer we earn 3,- till 5,- euros and its ok… i feel like i am screaming in the air… i like webflow, its the best for no-coders… but hate it to sell wordpress templates every time only because if the hosting plans. also bigger sites i loose because of missing functions!
Other designers who i ask to use Webflow are saying they can’t work with this pricing, they all want to earn money if they omhave 100 sites running… incase of that their provider earns everything. Do something about it guys!! you know we are right with this, stand up, and do it!!!


agreed @Koen but what can we do about it?

I know have to break away all cms elements from the site. cause I am not gonna pay for this.

Hey I posted a thread about this an hour ago,

A few alternatives for you (no cms elements is required for the export to work 100%)

Netlify, Getforge and Bitballoon are awesome.

There may need to be some education on your part about what sets Webflow apart from other options that are cheaper, but let’s be honest, there are some clients you’ll work with that aren’t a good fit for the pricing of Webflow hosting.

As many others have mentioned, the sites you design can be exported and hosted elsewhere (albeit without the awesome CMS functionality and speed of Webflow hosting) so this might need to be an option for those clients who don’t want to pay for the higher cost.

I will say that my client who has two websites with me (built with Webflow and using their hosting) is absolutely in love with the speed and ease of use when it comes to updating their content. He says he can’t believe how he’s gotten by without it, not to mention changes and additional features can be added very quickly and with near endless freedom. I will tell you that this person is not someone who normally has disposable income (he just had a child and plays music outside of his day job) but he’s had no problem paying the monthly fee - and that’s without him considering the yearly discount.

Like it or not, you need to be comfortable and confident when it comes to explaining (AKA selling) the benefits of the service and where the extra money goes. If they don’t see the benefit or can’t afford the cost (which I have a hard time believing if they are using the website to generate income) then maybe building
the site and exporting it for use on another hosting platform may be a better option - assuming they’re comfortable with additional feature development costs (which probably are not essential) and longer turn times in the event something needs changing.

I don’t want to dismiss the higher than normal cost and harder than usual sell for most clients, but there is tremendous value in the service and it’s potential - not only now but moving forward into the future.

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Sorry i can not agree, do a google speed test, and show us the results! Its almost imposseble to make a weblow site who fast enough for getting the green score.

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You don’t have to agree, but this issue has been discussed before on the forum and even addressed by Webflow’s CTO (How PageSpeed Actually Affects Your Google Rankings) - plus, not even Google’s own sites get “good” ratings.

As I said in my last message, there may be client’s who won’t get the value out of the service, but that doesn’t discredit the value of the service as a whole.

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The debate really comes down to value vs. price and it’s quite difficult to separate them sometimes. Almost everyone knows that less expensive web hosting can be had, just like almost everyone knows that there are less expensive vehicles than (say) Mercedes. It’s really all about what benefits you want from the features that are offered. One side in the debate is not right and the other side correct, it’s a personal choice so I’m not trying to convince you that you’re not correct and I am. I am offering a viewpoint that may be different that yours.

Who doesn’t wish the price was lower (on just about anything) but when I look at the speed at which a site can be designed and developed, the ease at which at site can be deployed, the ease with which CMS can be setup and used by the client, and the ease with which the site can be maintained after going live, it’s difficult to argue that Webflow should be priced the same as a basic no-frills web hosting product. Everything that you can do in Webflow can be done in another way but is that really, honestly, cost-effective? I don’t know your workflow but I can say for myself that just the ease of being able to deploy and maintain a site, along with having the client deal with their own CMS gives Webflow a lot of value for me (and that’s 100% subjective for each of us).

Your client(s) may complain about an extra $10 (or £10) a month, or whatever the figure is, but it’s quite likely you’d have to charge more than the annual difference for the extra time it takes you to design and develop the site, and then more yet for deployment and/or maintenance. Maybe that’s not the case for you but it certainly factors into the equation for me.

Thanks for the opportunity to provide a counterpoint.

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thanks for ansering… i think we are thinking almost the same.

I am on of the biggest Webflow fans, don’t get me wrong… its just so hard for me losing the smaller clients with only a blog or so because of the hosting prices. they pay me more for setting up a Wordpress site, but pay 7,- dollar hosting where i get 3 dollar bonus. last year i only sold Webflow, but now when its 20 dollar… the last three months i sold 5 Wordpress site, easy sites… no traffic, almost no visitors… and i made 2 sites who where to big for webflow. and i sold three Webflow sites… because some clients just trust on me…

that means that a lot of designers will never get into Webflow, only because of the pricing… and i want to make Webflow big!!!

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If a potential client wants a wordpress site they can go elsewhere, as far as im concerned, can’t stand working with templates, child themes, over bloated functionality, 3rd party plugins that need constant updating … if they want a uniquely customed designed hosted cms that fits their needs perfectly and can be constantly updated whenever the need arises, with speedy support from a dedicated team well then cool lets work together - zero stress oneither side. I think Webflow is worth every penny, it’s a unique solution that empowers designers. For me as a self-employed graphic designer its the best thing ive found for years, after working my way through joomla, wp, drupal, business catalyst (oh boy is that awful!) so I’m sticking with it. ;-))


i wish i could do the same Paul, but some clients are to important for me to say no, i stop working with you. On my own site , i only show webflow sites… because i only want to make webflow sites. If you need help with your website turning it over to Webflow let me know! Or is it to expensive for you? :wink:

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Hi Koen
Ha! I built my own site from scratch - best way to learn to code, but I’m working on a new one thats in webflow

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Looks great Paul! Nice design with those photo’s in perspective!

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thanks for taking the time to have a look.


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