Previously Uploaded (older) Images not showing up in asset manager

I am having an issue managing previous/older images that I have uploaded into the asset manager weeks/months ago. I am working in safari but have tried chrome browser too, also tried both browsers in private mode and still missing images.

I noticed it most when trying to go through the Audits (beta)/Issues and they are pointing out that I am missing a few Alt Text on images – when I click to go find the image they are talking about it is not in the asset manager but is definitely in the design/webpage - not in a CMS.

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@pixelgeek or someone that can help?

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I am having the same issue. I saw a possible problem with Safari browser years ago, but I am having the same issue in all browsers currently. I am trying to add those missing alt tags but there is no image in the asset manager to add to, so ahrefs keeps screaming at me!

@kmg - Can you share a screen shot of an image in the design that is missing and where it was added so it would be easy to check this? As it sits I would have no way to know which image(s) are missing but visible. The more specifics the better.


Here are a few just on the home page:
Quote icon - located in testimonials symbol

Industrial-building.jpg - located in testimonials symbol

Safety-2.png, quality.png, awp.png, knowledge-2.png

– all located on the home page here:

Let me know if you need more info. I hope this helps.

Following up on this. @webdev any update? Seems like a bug worth looking into.

@kmg - Just circled back to this and it looks like you removed the elements you had referenced. If this still persists you should open a trouble ticket.

I have not removed any elements that were referenced. I will go ahead and open a trouble ticket.

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