Previously defined elements not showing classes and styles?

Hello everyone - Has anyone else had an issue with previously defined elements not displaying their class and style settings recently? In just the last few days when I go into a file I’ve previously worked (like a week or two ago), the standard elements (headings, paragraphs, etc) are not behaving the same. Now, when I click an element, it no longer shows the default class, such as “All H1 Headings” or “All Paragraphs” and I can’t see the settings applied to the style in the Styles tab either. If I click “Select a Class or Tag” in the Styles tab and select “All H1 Headings”, etc., it appears to “take” because I can then see the settings in the Styles tab. But, if I click off of the element, then click back on it again, it reverts to acting like it doesn’t have a class or styles assigned. See the pdf of screen caps for more info. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Version of Chrome: Version 47.0.2526.106 m
Operating system: Windows 7

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