"Previous" and "Next" Buttons...Possible?

Hello, All.

Take a look at this page: http://inked-for-peace.webflow.io/damian-niolet-story

I want users to be able to move backwards or forwards through the the pages seen on the “All” page. What is the easiest way to go about this?

Here is the preview if that helps: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/inked-for-peace?preview=450fe8aa53e87a0279d9f610215b65aa

Thanks in advance!

Still have this issue. Anyone able to assist?

We’ll be releasing a feature soon that allows you to create a reference of the same collection, so you’d be able to choose what the “next” and “previous” will be. That will be your best bet.


Good to know @thesergie! Would it be possible for someone to let me know when that feature is available? Here or personal email if better.

Is the mentioned feature available yet?

Is the mentioned feature available yet?

Hey @dniolet - sorry for the delay. Yes, this feature is available now: New feature: Add References and Multi-References to the same Collection

@dniolet I think @callmevlad posted the wrong topic. We have more information on ETA on pagination and a workaround that’s available: Paginating Dynamic Lists

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