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Previewing a site at 1320 and 1020px

Hello all,

What is a good way to preview or control the site layout and design in the absence of custom breakpoints in Webflow?

The visual design of our new website has been optimized to be viewed 1320 and scales down to 1020. (We have a separate site for mobile.) I want to design the entire page as it would look at exactly 1320 and check how it scales at 1020. For Webflow, both these breakpoints are technically “desktop” - therefore, there are no layout options i can individually exercise within Webflow.

What is a good way around this that does not involve hand-coding?


Hello, @srile!

Let me clarify your question a bit. You are fine with keep designing your site in the desktop mode and all you need is limit the maximum width of content 1320px and minimum - 1020px.


correct! That would be my initial goal. After I check everything out between 1320-1020,
I will want to scale upwards from 1320 and see how it degrades below 1020.

Well, I would wrap all content with section or div and set min-width = 1020px and max-width = 1320px.

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