Preview Scrolling but Published Site Not Scrolling!

Hi, I m trying to do a slider nav interaction. When click next counter should increase and decrease with previous. So the problem is when you first click on it it works. but next clicks on the next button doesnt work. It only works on the first time and that is. Anyone has time to help with this. I m thinking I m not seeing a very simple thing :slight_smile:

Also scroll is not working on published site.

link is here:

Here is the picture:

Good afternoon @Dogukan_Uzak and welcome back to the community forum.

I am attaching a video on my review for you and hope this helps you in your quest to fix this little problem:


Happy Designing!

I appreciate the effort so so much. Thank you and I am so happy to be back. It s been bad year on road.

I actually did not wanted pagination because of refreshing the page which does not seem nice. Also, the first interactions is already working 00 to 01. the problem is continuing it. But you gave me different approaches to this problem which I will try.

I love webflow and this community. You just proved my point with your help and I also like to help out as much as I can but still not having dynamic cms tab and slider is a drag. I would love to work with them.

What I do not understand is why my next button is working for the first time but not the second time.

Hi @Dogukan_Uzak, you may have to create the IX2 for each number? Since the trigger is set up for the first click.

The way interactions work is that you get a first and second click option. Since you are manually creating the interaction for this, you are telling the system that on the first click of this class element you want the number to scroll down. However, since it is in a slide configuration you have numerous slides. And therefore you need to create that rollover effect for each number and then use the Show/Hide.