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Preview looks great, but things overlap when viewing on ipad pro 9.7-inch landscape

We’ve been working on the homepage, focusing on desktop, tablet and mobile breakpoints. When we preview across these breakpoints and even when we expand the side tab to check across various devices within those breakpoints, everything looks decent.

But when we view the homepage on an actual iPad pro 9.7-inch, landscape, we have the project description and the device image overlap (sorry about the bad shot):

We subsequently reduced the width of the div called ‘project-hero-brief-wrap’ on tablet and mobile landscape since iPad Pro 9.7-inch shows up in both those breakpoints. But we didn’t see our problem go away when we viewed it on the actual iPad, despite refreshing the page numerous times and 20 mins after we published the site.

Would anyone be able to let us know how we can fix this issue please?

Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

Our read-only link is here