Preview hanging when clicking link in dynamic list item

Hi there,

I’m building a new site. While everything so far is working like expected, at one point the site is hanging in preview mode.

Just the first menu item “Aktivitäten” is active at the moment and is leading to the correct page of Activities.

Selecting different activities there under the left image is working fine. But clicking on the filtered programms at the right side ist not leading to the programm after then and then the whole Webflow Designer Navigation is not working anymore, means, it is not possible to switch back to designer mode, or back to Dashboard, etc. Just reload helps.

The site is working well as published version.

Maybe a bug?

Also I would appreciate, if anybody can tell me, how to highlight the background color of the active “Aktivität” in the left grey menu, what is populated with CMS items.

Here the shared link:


Hi @pupinko, thanks for reporting this behavior, it does appear to be some buggy behavior and is being investigated. As soon as there is an update, I will post here.

Thanks in advance!

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