Preview for CMS Blog Post won't display on LinkedIn

Hi there,

I’m trying to share our recent blog post to LinkedIn. It’s the first post we’re sharing since switching to Webflow. The URL is: What is a Basis Point?

I get an error that reads: “Cannot display preview. You can post as is, or try another link.” I have used LinkedIn’s post inspector and it confirms there is an issue.

I believe I’ve set everything up correctly. I have tested the link in Slack and Facebook and the preview link appears for both of them. What am I missing? Thanks for the help.


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Pay Theory

Following, I am having the same exact issue. Have you been able to resolve this?

I’ve had the same issue for a few months.

It seems that after about an hour of publishing the blog post on the website that it sorts itself out and LinkedIn shows the preview again.

But this is not a solution when there’s time sensitive press releases/articles to post.