Preview doesn't work after custom code implementation

Hi all,
I inserted the embed to have a video loader, and from that moment my preview doesn’t work - it’s just white. Also the preview of the website from the dashboard doesn’t work. How can I fix that?
Thank you!

My read-only link


Hi Olivka, your preview site is working fine.
The code you’re using is an IFRAME set to cover the entire window.
Guess what color?

In preview mode it won’t play the Vimeo video so you just get white and nothing else.

Of course! :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:

Thank you very much! Do you know how can I change my code to make the video cover fullscreen? Now if I swith off the white background, it will be visible that from sides there are spaces.

As far as I can see, it’s working exactly the way you intend on your published site.
You don’t need to turn off the white background- just be aware that in designer preview mode, you won’t be able to see much while this element is visible.

One way around that, if you really want to use preview mode is to make the video display-none, and then have a style chunk in your homepage’s /head custom code area which makes it visible, e.g. <style>.myclass { display: block; }</style>

That style code will only run on the published site, so preview will will have your video loading screen hidden.

Hmm I tried but didn’t manage to make it work.

Can I ask another question? I’m trying to make this video as a background video with link from Vimeo. I need to overlay it with gradient, but it appears for second and then dissapears. 100% will be something stupid but for hours that I can’t come up with the solution (and making thing even worse)

upd: Found the solution.