Preventing a logged in user from signing up again

Hey guys,

Currently have a membership site with gated content using memberstack.

When a logged in user visits the home page and selects the package they are already signed up to, it automatically takes them to the stripe page to subscribe again. How can I prevent this? Short of just hiding the sign up button for logged in users?

I would still like them to be able to select either of the other two packages I have, as I understand it in memberstack this would overwrite their current package so they can up or down grade as they like.

Hope that makes sense.

Hey @l31ght0n, have you tried using memberstack data attributes to hide the specific package button you are referring to and show a different button for the subscribed user instead?

For e.g. Say the signup button for plan A is “Upgrade to Plan A” and if a user is already subscribed to plan A, then we can just show them another button say “View Features” or anything of that sort, which can direct them to their plan settings or any page you want the user to go to.

This should ideally solve the issue without having to hide it from all logged-in members, since you want to provide upgrade and downgrade facility for each user.

To show the buttons based on the specific plan a user is subscribed to, you can make use of data attributes as shared in this article

Essentially you can hide and show respective buttons for your use-case.
So, a button “Upgrade to Plan A” can have the data attribute as

And the button in this example “View Features” can have the data attribute as data-ms-content="CONTENT-ID"

‘CONTENT-ID’ needs to be replaced with the specific gated content ID that you can setup for each plan.

Hope this helps.