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Prevent Slider from Flipping Back to First Slide on Mobile

This is a minor issue, but we’re noticing strange behavior with sliders on the mobile version of our site. When a user gets to the last slide and tries to flip to the next one, the slider zips back to the left to the first slide. We have “Infinite Repeat Slides” turned off.

Does anyone know if this behavior can be turned off as well? We’re concerned that some parts of our audience will be confused by it, so we’d rather the user just can’t flip once they get to the last slide so it’s clear they’ve read everything.


Here is my site Read-Only:

It worked fine for me when going through the slides. Not sure what you’re seeing. It looks great.

Visually, the sliders seem to be working well. The one issue is what happens when you get to the last slide and then try to keep moving to the right. When you flip that way on mobile, you get flung back to the first slide. That’s the behavior I’m trying to prevent.

Oh you’re doing it on your actual mobile and it’s happening? Okay can you share the published site link here and I’ll see if my mobile is doing it (It could be device related).

Ah yes, sorry. Should have included that right away.

I should note that we’ve been observing this on iPhone 5, 6 and X. I don’t believe we’ve tested on an Android device.

Ah no problem. I sent you a response on how to set your hero header section just right as well.

And YES, leave the slider like this. In my opinion is gives user a clear location. NO DOUBT! Because the site is an information site. There’s a lot of really important info, that they need before making, what looks like, a fairly dedicated commitment. Leave that slider with a distinct beginning and end!

Also, on the HERO if you do what I sent, it will allow you flexibility to keep the image resolution, and still get a size you want - but also the div next to it will follow - and you’ll keep the bottom edge seamless with section below. So the image won’t have that cutoff on each screen.

While I don’t think it’s detrimental to leave it as-is, I got a request from my boss to change it. I can’t find any way to disable that behavior short of just disabling swiping, which I certainly don’t want to do. So if there’s a way to turn off the flip back to the beginning behavior, I need to do it.

Ahh, totally understand. Man, if I run across a way, I give you a shout. Hopefully, others in the community will view this post and offer another solution.

Having the same problem as TheMorninLine guy about the slider when I have a Div flip into view, can you share what needs to be done? To view the site on an Apple iPhone it glitches iPhone 5, 6, and 10.

Link to see site under construction is

Hopefully you can help still working on the rest of the site

Hi Tim,

I’m a little confused. What is exactly is the problem you’re having? Which page and section with read-only link again please and I’ll check it out for ya.

Home page slider link to read-only;

It the text and div glitches on iPhone 5, 6 and 10

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