Prevent Slider from Flipping Back to First Slide on Mobile #2

Using the built in Webflow Slider here. How can you disable looping through the slides when swiped to the direction where there aren’t any elements left in the slider? Looping back to the front of the slider from the last slide is acceptable, but it also jumps from the first to the last slide if swiped in the other direction. Extremely frustrating, and very disorienting experience for the user. This happens even though infinite repeat is disabled.

I’m having the same issue as this gentleman Prevent Slider from Flipping Back to First Slide on Mobile

Hey Richard!

Could you share a read only link?

Hi, sure. However my employer is not comfortable sharing the site at this time, so here’s a separate project with the element.

I’ve enabled slider arrows for the mobile view so you can test it in Webflow. Normally these would not be visible on the mobile version as the slider would only respond to swipe gestures, but the issue is clearly visible like this as well. Clicking the back arrow when you are on the first slide results in the slider jumping to the last slide. This is extremely frustrating on mobile as the user might make a slight unwanted swipe and the whole slider goes crazy.
Again, Infinite repeat slides option is disabled.