Prevent gated video content from being downloaded

A client has approached me and asked about the prospects of designing a gated video content website. Now I know, I’ll be using Memberstack for the gated content. Now the client wants to make sure that the video content doesn’t get downloaded or the whole purpose goes in vain.
Can this be done? Should I give him the assurance?

Protecting VOD content is not trivial. If this is a requirement then it is not something I see happening on Webflow + MemberStack because once someone has the link, the content is in the wild.

I built a large scale video on demand service that delivered content encryption and authorization integrated into a web app with a previous version of MS Products for movie DVD releases. Now something like this can be handled in MS Azure with Media Services v3.
See ->

You could also look at Vimeo OTT which might be a fit.

Is this purely for video content? Or did your client want to prevent files from being downloaded too?