Pretty urgent: Contact form and buttons partly unclickable in certain browsers

Hey there, Webflow community!

We’ve run into an issue while working on one of our client’s websites: Elements like buttons and the contact form seem to be working perfectly fine in Firefox and Safari but (most) of them are completely unusable in Chrome/Chromium due to them being unclickable. Past posts on here haven’t been able to help us out in fixing the issue.

What we’re trying to figure out: What’s causing this? How do we fix this?

Thanks a lot for your help in advance, I hope we’ll be able to fix this major issue soon!

Here’s the link: Webflow - Elephant Solar

Have you tried reporting this issue with Webflow Support?

Not yet, my first guess was to post it here

I noticed that when I inserted a brand new form element that the inputs were clickable, I wonder if you just rebuilt it with a fresh form element if it would solve the issue. It’s quite odd, I’ve never seen this before.

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Yeah, seemed pretty odd to me too… Guess we’ll give rebuilding it from scratch a try, thank you! Although I’m still kind of confused about the buttons having the same problem…

It looks like a stacking order problem.
On your uui-for-field-wrapper reset that position relative, and republish.

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This has indeed fixed the issue, thanks a lot! Any chance you’re also able to figure out what the problem might be with the various buttons across the site having the same issue of being unclickable?

Likely a similar issue, I’m in meetings this morning and can’t see much from here. Maybe remove the interactions and see if the transform-x is interfering.

Gladly was able to fix all of it! Thanks a lot for your help on the form issue, have a great day!