Pressing CTRL+A selects incorrect content on Data Export Block

Bug: CTRL+A selects content’s outside of box on Export Code section.

I must get CTRL+A to only select contents inside the text box as other platform properties do.

To reproduce error, open a webflow project > designer > export code > ctrl+a

See screenshot:

CTRL+A should only sectect contents of code not the outer parts of code.

      • Why is this feature important?

I like to use html sandbox for quick edits or experiment with page code. CTRL+A makes this easy without me having to manually crop the contents everytime, and saves a lot of time from cropping code contents and save time from having to mouse select code

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Also… bonus tip: I’m already hosting this project with webflow, so I shouldn’t be getting a notification to upgrade hosting to webflow on export box.

Hi @miekwave

Thanks for posting about this and great point. Currently you can copy code from the modal so it stands to reason that Select All should only select the code.

I’ve submitted an internal enhancement request for this update. I don’t have an exact timeframe as to when this will be added, though.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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