Pressed button style


I need help with a simple issue.

If I have 3 buttons, how can I make that if a pressing one and change the state to pressed, and when press other of two, the first one don’t change its style, and if I press the last one, the other remain with the state of pressed.


Hi @issac

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Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your comment @PixelGeek

I got three cards with questions a three possible answer.

If user press one answer in the first question, the button must show the state of pressed and link to next question which is another
So when the user press the second answer, and the button show pressed, the first answer of the firs question must remain pressed.

This example has 3 questions but the number is not defined.

Attached capture.


Only with javascript / jquery in my opinion. Its not possible to hand over states from one element to another within the native designer …

Or you add an interaction to that button and hide/show another button element after clicking on one button that has the state pressed already…