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Preserving Scroll height with CMS collection pages

Hey guys,

I’m not sure if there’s a solution for this on Webflow but who knows…

I have a collection list of 50+ items, and each item has its own CMS Collection Page(so there are 50+ Collection pages).

Collection list page: Output Page
CMS Page: neeon studio

As you can imagine since there are 50+ items the Collection List Page is pretty long.

So let’s say I’m on the Collection List Page and I scroll all the way down to item NO. 45 and I click on it to go to the CMS Page. But when I press the arrow to go back to the Collection List Page I end up on the top of the page and I have to scroll all the way down again to where I previously used to be on the page. which is pretty annoying.

My question would be, is there a way to “preserve the scroll height” so that when I go back from the CMS Page to the Collection List Page, I go back to the INITIAL position on the page (let’s say item NO. 45) and not all the way up on the page.

Hopefully that made sense…