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Preserve scroll height


I have a small problem on an blog page. At the bottom of the articles I’ve used pagination and are showing 4 of the latests posts (see attached). When you click “nästa” next, the page reloads and start from the top which is a bit annoying. Is there a way to make it preserve the scroll height when you click the next page button?

Hey, @Mollinator Try this…

Just click Button settings -> Link settings -> click the Page Section -> now select the top section or Navbar on the page section & in preview click the button…!

Hi @Selva,

It doesn’t solve the problem unfortunately. It´s a pagination link and not a normal button. And also I’m already scrolled halfway down the page, I want to keep that height… Not go back to the top… :slight_smile:

Hey, @Mollinator I understood…We need to make scroll detect, Try this using custom code

This link editor link code scroll down and reload the page, it’s kept that height

Thanks @Selva

Where do I paste the code?

Hey, @Mollinator Paste your blog page settings…