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Premium Features schedule?

Hello there,

Now that Webflow ecommerce is out of beta, is there a schedule for roll out of features?

The ones I’m most concerned about are:

Adding filters for users to sort items by price high to low or low to high – it’s a massive part of UX and I was surprised it wasn’t available from the outset (which is balanced out by the huge potential of ecommerce and how awesome the platform is in general I must add!).

Coupons for checkout. Massive part of trying to promote a site or incentivising people to post/share it. This feature would be fantastic.

Thanks for any updates anyone can provide!


As far as I know, Webflow does not announce release dates for features. So you are left to interpret words like soon, planned, etc…

I personally would not wait for a feature, unless a project was just in planning stages. If a client required one today, I would choose a product that provides it now.