Prefixed selector on responsive view

I have a question regarding the selection of a prefixed selector while adjusting my design for tablet and smartphone.

I am designing a link element with two classes. “button–special” is the first one, “upside-down” the second one. Now that I am cascading to my smartphone view I need to make some adjustments to “button–special”, but can’t access the prefixed class.

The only way would be to remove “upside-down” temporarily or create a second instance where I remove the “upside-down” class, make my changes and delete the element afterwards.

Am I missing something here or is that just not possible to directly access the prefixed CSS class while I am in tablet or smartphone view?


Hi @Von_Unruh

I may be missing something but the only way I know of to resolve this would be to remove the ‘upside-down’ class from the element on tablet/mobile, make the changes to the button which would modify the ‘button-special’ class, then add the ‘upside-down’ class back.

Seems like there should be a better way to do this but that’s currently they only way I know of.

Good luck!

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