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Prefilling information for external widget

Hi all!

Im pretty new to coding so I’m guessing I’m missing something here but am hoping I can get some guidance!

I am attempting to prefill a form that is embedded using an iframe (form is an external booking widget)

Ive added the code for the config object in the window scope to my page’s code to add the prefill text which is working with static text. The problem is that I want to prefill the form using dynamic data from my users who are already logged in (membership is done with member stack)

So basically, User signs in > opens widget module > email, name, and phone are already prefilled with their information.

Ive tried using the member stack API to pull the data but I think I must be doing something wrong as I can only get the prefill information to be static or it disappears altogether.

Please advise! Thanks!! (I’ve given the read-only link to the test page where I am trying to implement this first before adding to the places where it actually will be used))

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
([how to share your site Read-Only link][2])