Predefined search

Does anyone know how i can add search parameters to a search field using the select field like this:

@sokijaja - welcome to Webflow.

I’ve never done it but it appears you could do it by altering the url like so:

Thanks Louisiana Job Connection for being the guinea pig.

So, you would probably not use the standard search form field, but a few custom fields. A combination of a text input, and two select boxes like in your screenshot.

Then using a bit of jQuery on click (of the button) you would concatenate the search terms like this:


I’m guessing the code would be something like this:

$('.submit-btn').on('click'), function(e) {

        var query = '';
        // search all inputs of form with id 'search;
        $('#search input, #search select').each(function(index) {
            query = query + $(this).val() + '+'

        // trim trailing '+' from search string
        query = query.replace(/[+]\s*$/, "");
        var searchURL = '/search' + query
        location.href = searchURL;

The code has not been tested and will probably need to be changed based on the classes / ids you use on your site.