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Pre-Order Functionality in Webflow

Hey everyone,
I was just wandering if someone here can help me out in building a pre-order functionality in Webflow for a single product website which is yet to be launched. What’s the easiest and the most effective way to do this?
I need something like an API which can take and track orders?

Currently the website consists only of landing page for the product with no CMS whatsoever. Should I export the website and host it elsewhere and use some other external API/Services to achieve this?


Hey @tanyasingh

We have a quick and efficient storefront product at Plasso that allows you to accept pre-orders, donations, and more. It’s super easy to setup and embed into your webflow site. There’s no monthly fee on our Basic plan so it’s great to use while you get set-up. Here’s a screenshot of the storefront widget (once embedded with our short script tag, the payment modal will pop-up when your customer clicks the buy now button)

Our Membership, Billing, Storefront, Invoices, and PayMe products are included with the every plan and you’ll have access to your dashboard to track payments, add custom data fields, set the charge date for your pre-orders and more:

Here’s a live link to the above example if you’d like to see the UX.

I’d be happy to help if you need help getting setup :slight_smile:

  • David

Hi @tanyasingh.
Josh from Foxy here. Our ecommerce platform integrates seamlessly with Webflow and can help with taking pre-orders. Feel free to email or message me with more info on your specific needs and I’ll put together a demo that you can clone and use. Have a great weekend!


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