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<pre> box always expand over the borders of parent box

I think it’s rather my CSS knowledge’s fault than webflow’s but maybe someone has a quick idea:

I need <pre> blocks to be full width relative to their parent. But as soon as they contain a bit more text, they expand over the borders of the parent box, thus breaking the whole layout.

This problem only appears on mobile views. The mid/standard views can even handle <pre> tags with lots of code.

I tried lots of stuff with positioning, box-sizing, width regulating and the only thing that worked so far is max-width which of course is not an option…

Big thanks to anyone who could take a quick look at it! :pray::pray:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK with a little example

by the way, I think it works with big chunks of text inside the <pre> tags in the mid/full width views properly because there is a max-width set…

and here would be an example of even bigger text chunks inside <pre>:

seems to be fixed now, the parent Content Section was flex for some reason, sorry for the turmoil :see_no_evil:

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