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PowerImporter error Webflow Api ValidationError

Hi guys

I’am using PowerImporter to import my Airtable fields into my Webflow CMS. Only after sync my tables to Webflow I have some errors. The error message is: Webflow Api ValidationError Skipping.
I guess that some tables can’t be imported into Webflow.

  "msg": "Validation Failure",
  "code": 400,
  "name": "ValidationError",
  "path": "/collections/,
  "err": "ValidationError: Validation Failure",
  "problems": [
    "Field 'slug': Unique value is already in database: 'PHRM'"
  "problem_data": [
      "slug": "slug",
      "msg": "Unique value is already in database",
      "value": "'PHRM'"

Can someone help me out to fix this error?

You should reach out directly to the developer/provider.

@JudoHacker may be able to shed some light on this issue.

Thanks for pinging me, @ChrisDrit. :wink:

I believe we helped Patrick fix this problem this morning.

But, for anyone landing in this thread in the future with the same error, here’s the solution:

Slugs need to be unique in Webflow. So, if you map an Airtable field to the Webflow slug field, make sure every Airtable value in that field is unique. Any duplicates will cause this error.

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