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Power BI integration with webflow

I am trying to present a series of MS Power BI interactive charts on a webflow premium template using embed code function. There are two problems I need some feedback on.

  1. For practice I simply placed the embed code in a container near the very bottom of the soon to be home page (a lot of work yet to do to convert the template to being a website). I can see the semi-functioning Power BI graphic in the webflow staging site (just popup windows when hovering over the graphic). My problems here are a big white box area and a scroll bar the Power BI graphic lies within that I cannot reduce down, change the background to match the site, or get rid of. I want to get rid of or hide everything except the interactive graphic.

  2. My second problem, to be dealt with once the first problem is resolved, is to integrate the series of Power BI graphics to specific locations within the template–ideally allowing the pre-set animations to affect the implanted Power BI graphics on scroll. You’ll see these locations where there are large gray background boxes with temped in “tech-looking” graphics setting over them in the template. I’ve already changed the text descriptions associated with the template tech-screen-graphic holders.

My site link is pasted below and you’ll scroll down to the bottom of the page “Smart Sale AI Home” to see where I am practicing the the Power BI graphic. The site is obviously not fully live, just being built and viewed at webflow staging.

Thanks for any advice you may have. I can’t find much of anything related to “Power BI and Webflow” here or elsewhere on the net.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow -
JUST FYI Update: power bi pro shows a third means of publishing i have not been able to access via my account. power bi says i need admin approval; i am the admin and only person on the account but it still blocks my access; and i have been waiting 2.5 hours on microsoft help response to gain this third access. so maybe–maybe, this third format will help resolve some of my issues–maybe not.

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