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Posting forms to my own page after export?

The forms UI is nice in WebFlow, but I now need the option to make the “action” of my forms post to where I desire on my own site, so I can handle the form data myself. Basically, allow WebFlow to validate client-side, but POST the actual form data back to where I choose, likely the same page where I can apply server-side logic. This is probably not what folks who just host at WebFlow need, but instead for those exporting pages…

You can try to embed some HTML code to create a form etc and use jQuery to send data acquired from form to send it to your desired PHP script.

Hi @mganley2000, we plan to support custom form actions in the very near future. In the meantime, you must remove the CSS class “w-form” from the exported form HTML. This will prevent our script from taking over the submit action.


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