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Posting additional information alongside ecommerce orders

I think I know that this is not possible but I just want to be certain — is there any way whatsoever to post additional information with an ecommerce order beyond the ‘variant’ options?

The main problem I’m having is that I want to be able to attach information to an order for a product that really doesn’t require ‘variants’, since the selection will not change the price. It’s very frustrating to have to create hundreds of additional SKUs which then have individual price/image settings when the options I’m adding don’t require this.

I noticed that although you can’t add form elements to the ‘add to cart’ module, you can add HTML embeds and I was wondering if I can drop anything there (e.g. a dropdown or text field) that will then somehow reach the vendor, but am I right in thinking this isn’t possible?

I realise btw that you can have ‘additional information’ in the checkout but this doesn’t satisfy my needs.