Postcode Lookup

Hi all,

I am creating a website for my business which is a reseller of telecommunications products. I am looking to return prices via postcode as some areas are covered and some aren’t.

I have API access which confirms availability by postcode (Yes / No). I want to simply say “If Yes then standard pricing” and “If No, not available”.

I think the workflow would look like:

  1. Customer adds postcode to website field form
  2. Postcode is used to access and search API
  3. API returns value
  4. If YES routes to a new page (pricing / order etc)
  5. If NO, contact form (not available, register interest).

Are there any inbuild functionalities in webflow or webflow that would help me do this? I have reviewed the API etc and I am not a developer so looks pretty techncal.

Any help or guidance in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.