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Post summary not showing on Hover


I have been using Webflow to help a client migrate their website and redesign from Squarespace to Webflow. Everything has worked well and I am really happy with the way I am able to build the site.

However, I have been facing an issue trying to connect my post summary on hover to a text field within the CMS collection. For some reason it does take the Post title, however, whenever I try and connect it to the post summary or post preview fields, it fails. I have even tried reducing the number of characters, but it doesn’t seem to work. Could someone please help me out with this?

I currently have the transform set to 0% so that you all are able to preview the hover element, and have connected it to the CMS field that is only working which is the post title. I want to be able to connect it to post summary/post preview

Currently I have the effect only within the first few blog posts after you scroll down from the hero and the blank section which is a WIP.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Bebadass