Post-Hardcore band's EPK - finally finished!

After too many iterations to count - my brother’s Post-Hardcore band’s EPK (Electronic Press Kit) is in a stage I feel comfortable sharing.

I’ve poured hours and hours in to this project,
And I’d love to get the community’s help - by getting some feedback to perfect it.

You can check the project HERE

Thank you :heart:


Interesting and very creative site. Congratulations!

My suggestions (built only on personal opinion):

  • contact “buttons” with 3D animation a bit cover each other on hover, maybe you could try to add some margin between them,
  • animation with album artwork I could do on hover and a bit slowly.
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Thanks for your feedback Sabanna! :smile:

  • The contact buttons actually had some margin between them - but I deleted it because I thought that it gave a different ‘feel’ to that section, one that I really liked!
    But I’ll retry giving it some margin - it will definitely be more aesthetically pleasing!

  • Flip on hover could definitely improve the experience, the click to flip is defiantly not clear to a user.
    So I’ll try that :blush:
    Regarding animation speed, again, it was a bit slower, but I tend to speed up animations the most I can to a point where the design doesn’t hurt usability - ‘form follows function’ is always in my thoughts.

Thanks again for your input Sabanna!

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You are welcome! :slight_smile: I am experimenting with my sites design too. So I know how it feels.